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How to style Awtomic to match your theme or brand design
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Everything visible to your customers on your online store that you install from attempts to pick up elements of your theme styles automatically, though many online stores use themes that are highly customized and as a result styles and layouts require extra effort to match. If you wish to have a different styles, you can change these styles as you see fit using CSS, or reach out to us for support (

Please note that any time you switch themes, all snippets (Account management, orders and cart) will have to be installed again and re-styled if you’ve done custom styling.

Though all elements that are added to your shop (like the Awtomic subscription plan selector) by the app attempt to take on theme styling, you can override these styles in your own css.liquid file that you import into the proper sections or templates. Ideally you should create your own new asset file for custom CSS and import it yourself. For class names, you can inspect any element that is added by on your site and override the class name with your own custom styling.

The plan selector is hidden until you click “Make Public” on the Awtomic App’s Setup Guide under Help but if you’d like to preview the plan selector on your shop before you launch, you can use the Awtomic Preview Mode.

If you want to show buttons instead of a drop down selector for your subscription plans, reach out to - we do support this functionality but it is not a setting in the app yet.

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