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Emails customers will receive related to their subscriptions
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There are three emails that customers will get automatically for their subscriptions.

The new subscription email is sent as soon as the customer has completed their initial purchase.

The upcoming order email is sent 5 days before the subsequent order will be triggered. This gives them the opportunity to manage their subscription before the order is placed and they are billed. If you've set up add-ons, then there will be a section that features an available add-on. If not, that section will be excluded.

The third email customers will get 3 times if a billing attempt fails and they don't update it.

Delayed due to Inventory email:

You can customize logos, colors and copy in the Settings section of the app. If you require additional customizations, please reach out to

We don't currently integrate with other email providers, but plan to in the next few months. Stay tuned!

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