Build-A-Box Bundles are great for a lot of reasons, and especially when they're sold on subscription. When they're a good fit for your product they:

  • Allow you to sell more, which may simplify complex operations or offset expensive shipping costs

  • Give customers the ability to personalize their order, which increases retention

  • Give subscribing customers the ability to personalize their order between every shipment, which drives brand engagement

A few requirements you should know before you get started:

  • Build-A-Box bundles have a set price and cannot dynamically change based on what users select. You can define multiple box sizes with their own prices, however.

  • You can define an add-ons step, which will allow customers to optionally add additional items at an additional cost. This step is not required and if you don't assign a collection it will be left out.

  • All products offered in your build-a-box bundle and as add-ons for that bundle must be added to the SAME subscription plan. Any discount you apply to that plan will apply to subscribers of your box and the add-ons.

  • All bundles will create a new Shopify product, which will be the starting point for the bundle purchase experience. Orders will be placed with that product and the details of what the customer chose in order item properties.

  • In order to view the items selected as individual items in the orders. Please go to Awtomic Settings and Select the setting to have the line items show up individually.

  • Please note: Build-a-Boxes can only available to be sold on your online store on Shopify. You can not sell them on any other platform as the line items will not be able to be created there.

To get started, go to the Bundles section, and create a new Bundle. Select the type "Build-A-Box" and give it a name. This name will be the name of the product and will be visible to customers. You can change it later.

Then, you'll define which products will be sold as part of this bundle. To do this, you'll select an existing collection. If you don't have a collection already, you should create one with the specific items that you want to offer, and make sure it's available on the online store sales channel.

Next, you'll define what box sizes you'll offer and how much you'll charge for them. You can offer up to 100 box sizes, or as few as 1. You'll define the price as a price per item, which will be multiplied by the. number of items to set the price of the box for each size.

We recommend that you include the number of items and the price per item in the copy of the Display label for each box size. The overall price of the box will be displayed on the page as the user changes their selection.

You can add more box sizes by pressing 'Add another size' or remove them by pressing the trash icon to the right of "Display label." You can also drag and drop them using the grip icon on the left to change the order in which they are displayed. When the Shopify product page is created for this bundle, these options will be set up as the variants.

Add-ons is an optional step where you can choose products to essentially "upsell" users on as a last step in their box creation. These products will be added at an additional cost to the user above the cost of the box. You'll need to add a collection, so make sure any add-ons that make sense for your box are in a collection together that is available on the online store.

Once you've defined your box name, box sizes and prices, and products, you'll be able to press 'Create' to Finalize your Bundle. This is not the last step, but it will create the Shopify Product that will represent your Build-A-Box product.

Now that your product has been created, you can make sure it is set up correctly for subscriptions. Expand the "Link Subscription Plan" section and click "See subscription plans"

You'll now be on the subscription plan section, where you should either edit an existing plan, or create a new one. Make sure that you:

  • Add the newly created Build-A-Box product to the plan

  • Add all products individually that are offered in the Build-A-Box bundle to the same plan

  • Add all products individually that are offered as add-ons for the Build-A-Box bundle to the same plan

NOTE: If the products are not all added to the same plan you will see some errors in the customer flow.

Now all you need to do is edit the Shopify Product page and set it to active! You can link directly to this page any time from the Bundle page, by clicking the button under "Modify Bundle Product Page"

Since the product is the same as any other Shopify product you can add images, change the description and apply any template you'd like. Just be sure to only edit the name of the product and details about the variants in the Bundle edit page so that you keep them in sync.

Here's an example of how your customer experience should look:

NOTE: Bundle will automatically detect your "Add to Cart" button and change it to "Customize my Box"

This page and the add-ons page come from our app, but can be styled with CSS. Inspect the code for class names and override styles in a file in your theme.

Do all of these steps and still having issues? Check out our "Troubleshooting Build-A-Boxes article"

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